Sweet European Style Butter - Unsalted
Sweet European Style Butter - Unsalted

Sweet European Style Butter - Unsalted

Always the better butter, Daphne's Sweet European Style Butter boasts a sweet and creamy flavor guaranteed to heighten all your cooking endeavors. Our proprietary recipe is enhanced with a culture that renders a more appetizing butter. When paired with the European tradition of churning cream longer and slower, this culture kindles a butter that contains more butter-fat and therefore more flavor than its typical North American counterpart. At 82% butter fat, our sweet European style butter allows you to use less while tasting more. 

Not only is our butter full of flavor, but it's easy to cook with too. With a higher plasticity level, or ability to be formed, Daphne's Sweet European Style Butter lets bakers laminate their pastries with greater ease and guarantees greater puff in every treat. 

In addition to making your dishes taste great and your cooking experiences more enjoyable, our butter  allows you to eat healthier meals. Because our farmers pledge never to give their cows any artificial growth hormones, we feel confident sharing our first product with our families and yours. 

Serve Daphne's Sweet European Style Butter at room temperature on your favorite toast, melted on top of pancakes, simmered with asparagus or woven through any dessert.

Pasteurized Cream, Lactic Acid.  Contains Milk.

Net Wt. 1 lb