It All Began With Better Butter...

Co-Founder and CEO of Daphne’s Creamery, George Gavros, would not be where he is without the inspiration of his little girls – and of, course, his love of food. Gavros' passion for food began at a young age working in his family's retail produce and specialty store in Quincy, MA. Many years later after moving to the West Coast, George passed his love for food onto his family, specifically his daughters Daphne and Zoe.

After successfully starting and growing a company named after Zoe, Zoe's Meats, with his good friend Charlie Hertz, George sought to identify the ingredient Daphne loves as much as Zoe loves meat. Butter, of course! Leave it to the Gavros girls to balance the family with their savory and sweet preferences! Letting Daphne's taste buds lead the way, Charlie (or Uncle Charlie, as the Gavros girls call him) and George found the perfect butter.

With health at the helm, the trio created Daphne's Sweet European Style Butter free of hormones and antibiotics. A delicious butter that we can confidently give to our kids and yours, we're proud to present Daphne's first dairy product.

It all began with better butter!