Alpine Cheese
Alpine Cheese

Alpine Cheese

Daphne’s Alpine Cheese is a raw milk, smooth textured, semi-soft farmhouse cheese, nutty in flavor, with a bright yellow natural rind. Experience the flavorful profile of this cheese made with milk from cows fed on fresh natural grasses daily.

This cheese gets its origins from the remote valleys of the Alps, where cow herders took their cows to graze.  Daphne's Alpine Cheese is crafted using traditional methods, individually made by hand, and aged a minimum of 60 days.

Uses & Pairings:
Daphne’s Alpine Cheese has great melting qualities. Try our Alpine Cheese on a hot sandwich, grate over a salad, or add to a delicious cheese plate. For pairings, enjoy Daphne’s Alpine Cheese with fruit, chutney, dry fruits, olives, and cured meats. For a lighter pairing, try our cheese with crisp, fruity wines and beer.

Raw Milk, Rennet, Enzymes, Salt.

Weight 6oz